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In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed...

U.S. Constitution, Amendment VI

Life Members

With an extraordinary commitment of $5,000.00, demonstrate their exceptional support for CACJ and its programs. Life Member dues help to ensure that CACJ can continue to maintain our strong legislative program, present outstanding seminars, produce superior publications for criminal defense team members and educate the public about the importance of constitutional protections.

The CACJ Life Members listed below have made a special commitment to CACJ's goals. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Richard Alexander, San Jose

Cristina C. Arguedas, Berkeley

Daniel L. Barton, Palo Alto

Richard P. Berman, Fresno

Gerald Blank, San Diego

James J. Brosnahan, San Francisco

Blackie Burak, Walnut Creek

Ted W. Cassman, Berkeley

John Cotsirilos, San Diego

John Patrick Dolan, Indio

William H. DuBois, Oakland

Jack M. Earley, Irvine

Jonathan Franklin, Beverly Hills

Paul D. Fromson, Merced

Ilan Funke-Bilu, San Luis Obispo

James R. Homola, Fresno

Richard A. Hutton, Pasadena

Michael R. Levine, Portland

Ephraim Margolin, San Francisco

Kristin J. Matsuda, Torrance

Michael R. McDonnell, La Habra

Christopher C. Melcher, Woodland Hills

Marcia A. Morrissey, Santa Monica

Thomas J. Nolan, Palo Alto

Nancy S. Pemberton, San Francisco

Douglas Rappaport, San Francisco

Mark Reichel, Sacramento

Timothy B. Rein, Livermore

Dennis Roberts, Oakland

Thomas Roehr, Sacramento

Kenneth A. Rutherford, Salinas

H.A. Sala, Bakersfield

Rickard Santwier, Pasadena

Elisabeth Semel, Berkeley

ReBecca Simmons, Mountain View

Andrew M. Stein, Bellflower

Richard M. Steingard, Los Angeles

John V. Stevens, Loma Linda

Spencer W. Strellis, Oakland

Edward Tabash, Pacific Palisades

Robert Tayac, San Francisco

David A. Torres, Bakersfield

Frank R. Ubhaus, San Jose

Joe VanDervoort, Chico

Allan W. Williams, El Cajon

Jonathan Willis, El Centro

Robert J. Wilson, Pasadena

Christopher H. Wing, Sacramento

Patron Members

A generous $600 a year helps to ensure the effectiveness of CACJ's legal, educational and legislative programs. CACJ Patrons provide an extra financial cushion for CACJ, guaranteeing that we can continue to meet the rising cost of preserving justice in an era of ever-increasing assaults on the rights of the accused.

The CACJ Patrons listed below have made their investment. We would like to thank them for their support by acknowledging them here.

Clyde M. Blackmon, Sacramento

Christopher C. Chaney, Pasadena

Donald P. Dorfman, Sacramento

Ernest L Eady, Orange

Larry Forbes, Los Angeles

Jan David Karowsky, Sacramento

Cris Lamb, Sacramento

Dennis Latimer, Chico

Thomas A. Leupp, Auburn

C. Thomas McDonald, Santa Ana

C. Logan McKechnie, Merced

Alvin S. Michaelson, Los Angeles

Richard H. Millard, Los Angeles

Jon C. Minsloff, Santa Cruz

James F Pokorny, San Diego

Donald M. Re, Los Angeles

Philip A. Schnayerson, Hayward

Jeffrey R. Stein, San Luis Obispo

Allan H. Stokke, Santa Ana

Gerald Uelmen, Santa Clara

Sustaining Members

By making a substantial financial commitment to CACJ by paying $300 each year, these contributions support the goals of CACJ: protection of individual liberties; opposition to arbitrariness and brutality in the criminal justice system, support instead for programs that are reasonable and decent; and the development of an organization of criminal defense practitioners uniquely suited to address these issues strongly and persuasively in the legislature and the courts.

The CACJ Sustaining Members listed below have made their investment. We would like to thank them for their support by acknowledging them here.

Mark A. Arnold, San Jose

Robert Beles, Oakland

Michael W. Bien, San Francisco

Allen R. Bloom, San Diego

Ronald M. Bobo, El Dorado Hills

Jules Bonjour, Hayward

Robert Boyce, San Diego

Daniel F Brookman, Santa Monica

James Bustamante, San Francisco

Nanci L. Clarence, San Francisco

Steve Cochran, Los Angeles

Stephen A. DeSales, Fullerton

Randall Dickow, Bakersfield

James N. Dicks, Vista

David W Dratman, Sacramento

Steven E Feldman, San Diego

Stephana Linda-Marie Femino, Chico

Dennis A Fischer, Santa Monica

Stephen P Freccero, San Francisco

William J Genego, Santa Monica

Robert S. Gerstein, Los Angeles

James M. Glick, San Bernardino

Stuart Hanlon, San Francisco

Kurt David Hermansen, San Diego

Richard G. Hirsch, Santa Monica

Stuart A. Holmes, Claremont

Peter J. Hughes, San Diego

Michael G. Idiart, Fresno

Barry M. Karl, Redwood City

Richard Keyes, Redwood City

Joel C. Koury, Santa Monica

Vincent J. LaBarbera, Santa Ana

Alex Landon, San Diego

Virginia Landry, Irvine

Aron Laub, Tarzana

Leonard Levine, Los Angeles

Bruce M. Margolin, West Hollywood

Roberto Marquez, Marysville

Dennis G. Merenbach, Santa Barbara

Jessie Morris, Sacramento

James R Murphy, Arroyo Grande

Robert M. Myers, Sherman Oaks

Barry K. Newman, Fairfield

Diane Nichols, Grass Valley

Gregory C. Paraskou, Santa Ynez

John T. Philipsborn, San Francisco

Linda M. Parisi, Sacramento

Clifton L. Peters III, Victorville

John T. Philipsborn, San Francisco

Howard R Price, Beverly Hills

Dennis P. Riordan, San Francisco

Bernard J. Rosen, Beverly Hills

Allen Ruby, Palo Alto

D. Mickey Sampson, Sacramento

Robert M. Sanger, Santa Barbara

Fred Schnider, Berkeley

Kenneth L Schreiber, Irvine

Malcolm S. Segal, Sacramento

Charles M. Sevilla, San Diego

Robert L. Shapiro, Los Angeles

Richard Such, San Francisco

Scott A. Sugarman, San Francisco

Jere N. Sullivan , Jr., San Luis Obispo

Tony Tamburello, San Francisco

L. Stephen Turer, Santa Rosa

Orchid Vaghti, Santa Rosa

Doron Weinberg, San Francisco

Gail R. Weinheimer, Oakland

Mia F. Yamamoto, Los Angeles

Vicki H. Young, San Francisco

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