Monday, February 18th, 2019

9:00am - 10:30am

False Confessions and Coerced Statements

Expert to be

The expert will discuss interrogation techniques and the psychology of interrogations and confessions, including coerced and false confessions. The attorney will address developments in confession-related law, with emphasis on recent statutes and case law on interrogations, Miranda, and coerced statements.

10:45am - 12:00pm

Prosecution Misconduct


The never ending spate of revelations of prosecution misconduct in high profile cases challenges one’s belief in social evolution, that is, the notion that over time individuals and institutions learn and improve from past mistakes, case commandments, ethical mandates and common sense. Yet, the incidence of prosecution misconduct seemingly never goes away and defense lawyers need to be ready to deal with it. The speakers will canvas the problem areas with suggestions for dealing with them.

Cell Phones (Encore)

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* This session is a repeat from Sunday at 2:45pm

Ninety-two percent of adults have a cell phone-which are constantly keeping track of its location. There are three primary sources of location data: the phone, applications, and the phone company records. This presentation focuses on how this data is stored, retrieved and how to use it in representing your client. It also includes a live demonstration showing how to plot historical cell site location data using free tools.

Homicide and Special Circumstances Law


During this session the presenter will provide a basic summary of the law of homicide and special circumstances trials that you’ll need to know for your first capital trial. We will cover the fundamental legal differences between a homicide trial and a death penalty trial, including discovery, jury selection, admissions of guilt in light of the US Supreme Court decision in 2018 in McCoy v. Louisiana, and defenses to avoid a penalty phase altogether.

Mitigating Gangs

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The typical juror’s conception of a gang member is based on sensationalized stereotypes built to evoke extreme fear. But once we learn the true story of how our clients came to be involved with a gang, we learn that environmental and familial factors funnel our clients into gangs. Extreme poverty, violent neighborhoods, and the strong influences of others lead quality individuals into gangs, especially when they are teenagers (or younger) and particularly vulnerable. The presenters, an attorney and a mitigation specialist, each experienced in gang litigation, will discuss how to communicate the mitigation underlying our clients’ involvement in gangs through investigation, discovery, and telling the stories of our clients’ lives.

Social Media


This session will provide a brief exploration of new and different investigation techniques using the many different tools and sites available on the internet. It will include an update on the legal challenges involved in locating, subpoenaing, and introducing social media discovery intro your criminal defense, and potential ethical considerations in obtaining social media discovery.