Flash Drives Use Notes

2016 brought 3 new changes to the CCDS Syllabus and Manual. They have been combined, they are on a flash drive, and they have been produced with a newly donated version of dtSearch software. The migration to flash drives has been made due to the fact that many computers now lack CD drives.

All registered attendees for 2019 CCDS will receive a flash drive at check-in.

CCDS Syllabus & Death Penalty Manual

While the basic use of the Syllabus and Manual remain the same, the start-up process has changed due to the constraints of Windows security precautions.

When using the flash drive for first time you will receive a prompt to download and install a free plug-in which will allow “hit-highlighting” in search results. Hit-highlighting, which is optional but recommended, results in displaying search term(s) in yellow within returned documents.

1) Plug in the flash drive (“2019 CCDS”), and when the “AutoPlay” menu pops-up, under “General options”, select “Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer.”

2) From within Windows Explorer, double click on the “cdrun” Application icon to start the Syllabus and Manual.

The options within “Search” have been expanded due to the combining of the Syllabus and Manual. There are now 6 search options: 1) Manual ALL, 2) Manual Motions Only, 3) Manual Only, 4) Manual TOC Only, 5) Syllabus ALL, and 6) Syllabus TOC Only.

CCDS Syllabus & Death Penalty Manual

The software used to produce the CCDS Syllabus and Manual does NOT support the same Windows playback options on Macintosh operating systems. In order to access the information contained on the flash drive, one of the following methods must be utilized:

If you have Windows installed on your Mac:
A. Using “boot camp” to boot into Windows upon starting your Mac
B. Running Windows from within your Mac using emulation software–e.g., “Parallels” or “VMware Fusion.”

If you don’t have Windows installed on your Mac
A. After inserting the flash drive, Double click on the “2019 CCDS” icon mounted on the desktop or navigate to it via “Finder.” Open the folder called “Mac Version” and then double click on file “index.htm” to start the Syllabus and Manual.
B. The Syllabus/Manual Home Screen will be displayed in your browser of choice–e.g., Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. c. Note: The Search function will NOT work using this method.