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2019 Master of Cross Examination: Larry Pozner

Please join California Attorneys for Criminal Justice for a very special 6.0hr MCLE program devoted entirely to perfecting your understanding and practice of cross examination, by one of THE foremost authorities, Larry Pozner. Mr. Pozner has long been recognized as a preeminent expert in cross examination and is co-author of Cross Examination: Science and Techniques.

Seminar Dates & Locations:

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
8:00am - 3:30pm

McGeorge School of Law
Sacramento, CA

Sunday, April 28th, 2019
9:00am - 4:30pm

California State University
Long Beach, CA

About the Speaker:

Larry began his career as a public defender—and continues his high profile criminal defense work as a private practitioner. In 1998, he was elected president of the 10,000 member National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Larry’s colleagues in the legal profession value his courtroom skills and experience—and flock to attend his presentations. He has traveled to 48 states (as well as Canada and Puerto Rico) to deliver more than 400 lectures on subjects relating to trial skills, and has served on the faculty of several trial practice institutes. For the last seven years, he and partner Dan Reilly have been invited to address judges attending the annual Colorado Judicial Conference. Their annual presentation deals with some unusual aspect of trial evidence ranging from courtroom demonstrative aids to electronic evidence.


I. Principles of advanced cross-examination:
• Why cross is more helpful than direct
• Building our cases around cross
• Making our theory dominate our opponent’s theory
• Creating witness anxiety to compel honesty

II. The Only 3 Rules of Cross
Using the Power of Leading Questions

• Forming questions to achieve control
• Training witnesses to say yes
• Keeping the cross about our best facts
• Allowing jurors to see our points

Controlling Witnesses One Fact at a Time
• Shaping jurors perceptions of the facts
• Putting facts into persuasive order
• Painting pictures that channel deliberations
• The science of sentence construction

Creating Goal Oriented Questioning Sequences
• Winning our cases with their witnesses
• Encouraging truthful responses
• Sequences that block escape
• Using logic to drive our desired inferences

III. The Chapter Method of Cross-Examination
• Breaking cases into understandable parts
• Putting facts into our best context
• Recognizing events valuable for cross-examination
• How chapter method derails the opponent’s presentation

IV. Page Preparation of Cross-Examination
• Scripting our cross by chapter
• Keying in exhibits and foundations
• Keeping track of direct exam
• Preparation for instant impeachment

V. Cross Examination Presentation System
• Topic charts
• Sequence of events charts
• Witness Statement Charts


VI. Sequences of Cross-Examination
• Placing chapters into persuasive order
• Keeping dishonest witnesses off balance
• Value based impeachment
• Diminishing risk in difficult chapters

VII. Controlling the Runaway Witness
• 20 methods of controlling the combative witness
• Psychological principles that establish witness control
• Punishing the non-responsive answer
• Taking advantage of the too-talkative witness

Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques:

Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition is an extensive revision and reorganization of Pozner and Dodd’s classic work, written to meet the needs of today’s trial attorneys. Pozner and Dodd’s signature techniques and methodologies, which have brought them acclaim as the nation’s leading experts on cross-examination, are illustrated with numerous new examples added specifically for the Third Edition. The authors provide their best-ever coverage of the “chapter method” of cross-examination with additional excerpts to illustrate various trial scenarios. New content also includes Chapter 6 on Cross Preparation Systems: Sourcing the Facts, giving you the tools to immediately inform a witness, and the court, what electronic or paper document you are using and exactly where in the document is the material upon which you are questioning.

by Larry Pozner (Author), Roger J. Dodd (Author)
Publisher: LexisNexis
Retail price $309

Seminar Coordinator:
Jeff Thoma

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